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Why Do People Love Pandas

It is the survival instinct of human beings to be fond of pandas.

If we see an alien, would you find it lovely? I guess it’s not likely.

But if you see a tiny human being (babies), would you find it cute? Normally, you would.

It’s not because the baby is “cute” that we think they are cute, but because babies are born the way they are. In turn, they possess the characteristics which we perceive as cute.

That is to say, if a baby of human being isn’t born like this, but in some other looks, such as having rhinoceros horn on its head, we would still find the baby cute. In the long process of biological evolution, it is very important for a species to perceive their babies as cute.

In the same way, even if those are not our children, we will still find them cute. As human beings who live in groups, it is also very important to perceive others’ children as cute.

It is for this reason that in the survival instincts of human beings, we perceive characteristics possessed by babies as lovely – this is the inevitable instinct in humankind, enabling us to have the will to take care of our next generations, during our biological evolution.

What are the characteristics of human babies? They have eyes, a big head (comparing to their bodies, their heads always appear bigger) a round face, and a curved figure (it’s a bit weird to describe little babies with this word) as well as short and thick hands/legs .

Have you found that the characteristics of the human babies are very similar to pandas?

When we talk about their big eyes, in fact, the eyes of bears are not that big for the size of their faces. Pandas are no exception. However, since pandas have large dark circles, their eyes appear to be bigger as well.

Besides the head-to-body ratio, the head of a panda is of similar size of other types of bears, it’s the black and white pattern which make their heads appear bigger.

For example, when a black bear is standing, one cannot see the boundary of their heads and bodies, since their whole body is covered in black hair.

When a panda is standing, its head and body are clearly separated by the coat color, and the neck and part of the shoulder are also white. The parts that can’t be seen clearly will naturally go to its head, making the head-to-body ratio smaller.

So when you see the panda lying on the bamboo and rolling, you would unconsciously make the “aww…” affectionate sound. The same will happen when you look at a cute baby.

The same applies when you see other little animals with similar characteristics, your survival instincts would send you a message telling you that it’s a cute creature that you’re looking at.

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