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Why Are Pandas White And Black

The color of the panda is black and white, and it’s because pandas first appeared in the Quaternary Ice Age. Their body color was changed to adapt to the severely cold weather. In many cases, animals with black and white spots can break the outline, making it difficult for the hunters to judge the specific location and distance of their preys.  

The black and white coat color of pandas appear mainly among the minors, and the white hair of the adult panda is presented as a kind of brown color that cannot be “washed away”. 

With the black and white colors, pandas can easily hide themselves in the snow. When a hunter sees from a far distance a few black spots, it is hard to determine what animal it is. It’s also because with a white background, the outline of pandas appears to be fragmented. 

Black and white can be coordinated with many environmental tones in nature. Only when one is in the living environment of these animals, can these colors produce a protective effect. For instance, when a zebra leaves its group, the stripes on it become conspicuous targets.

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