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Summary of Panda Attacking People

Since 2000, there have been 18 incidents of panda attacks of human beings, regarding the number of injured people, there have been 11 tourists and keepers altogether, and there have been 2 villagers and 4 staff members.

Regarding the pandas, there have been 16 captive pandas and 2 wild pandas, and they are the same ones attacking the 2 villagers.

At 2 pm on the 2nd, Xiao Ming (a pseudonym), a 14-year-old boy from a middle school in Xindu, visited the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base under the guidance of his teacher. The panda pavilion of the giant panda base is a captive pond more than one meter deep.

There is a short bush planted around the pond. The bushes had a gap and were blocked by two under-knee posts and two wires. There were no warning signs and no staff on site. 

The curious Xiao Ming stepped over the wooden stakes and entered a low-rise concrete platform beside the pond wall of the captive pond, as he wanted to see the cute panda more closely. Suddenly, an unexpected incident happened. A giant panda jumped out of the pond and pulled Xiao Ming out of the captive pond. He howled and scratched him. When his classmates saw what happened, they took various measures to pull Xiao Ming out.

Situation of injury

According to the doctor on duty, Xiaoming was covered with blood when he was sent in. His back, left elbow, left and right lower limbs were bitten and scratched in many places. There were more than 10 wounds, and he was bleeding quite a lot, the situation was quite serious.

After being assessed by the West China Medical University Forensic Technology Appraisal Center, Lin Lin (another pseudonym) had a head restraint injury with grade nine disability and laceration of his left upper arm muscle with degree ten disability.

Five “killings” in Beijing Zoo

The Beijing Zoo has always appeared in the statistics above. It has been listed for 5 times, and among 4 of the, Gu Gu was involved. That’s why Gu Gu was named as “Security Captain of Beijing”.

First time withJi Ni

According to an eyewitness, “I saw a little guy jumping in at that time. He had touched the panda first, and then he touched it again. At this time, the panda bit his right foot and had insisted for about 5 minutes without letting go.

At last, the zoo’s management separated the panda from the tourists with a water gun, and the staff immediately took him out of the panda sports field. The injured person’s feet had various wounds of different sizes, about 2 cm long and 1 cm deep, they were obviously caused by an animal’s biting. 

After being bitten, he could get infected easily with anaerobic bacteria, yet fortunately, it had not occurred in the initial inspection. After that, after a debridement surgery was performed, the wound was cleaned and disinfected, and it was simply bandaged and observed.

The four times of Gu Gu

The first time

A man took off his coat, threw off his luggage, and jumped over the two-meter-high guardrail with quick action, then jumped into the giant panda sports ground, and went straight to the sleeping male giant panda “Gu Gu”. 

When the stranger broke into the realm, Gu Gu immediately woke up, it went straight to the man and bit his right lower leg and calf. When he saw himself being bitten, the man immediately stretched his other leg toward the panda, and the attacked panda immediately released it, but then began to bite its other leg, and they fought fiercely…the staff immediately rushed into the panda pavilion and rescued the man from the animal passage while controlling the panda.

At this time, the man was injured and the police at the park police station rushed to the scene and reported it to the 120 emergency center, then sent him to the People’s Hospital for medical treatment.

Zhang’s pain caused him to sober up, he even ran forward and fought back, “I got up and bit on its back. I even think that its back was a foot thick.” Zhang showed a painful expression.

The second time

The witness, Ms. Wang said, “outside the fence, a little boy suddenly shouted at the panda, ‘I’m not afraid of you, I’ve practiced karate.’ The boy was about 10 years old, he was wearing dirty clothes and he was outside the fence wandering around alone. 

Later, he sat on the concrete platform inside the fence and pulled his legs. When I was worried, the child jumped down in a blink of an eye.” Ms. Wang said, “I saw that the little boy, after jumping down, rushing toward the panda and even picked a bamboo on the ground to tease it.”

Without waiting for the boy to stand still, the panda had scooped up behind him, “it rushed up and opened his mouth to bite the boy’s leg.” Ms. Wang said the boy was thrown to the ground and called for help.

“The boy’s legs were bleeding, and one of his trousers was ripped open, and he struggled to get up. A man put his schoolbag down and let the boy grab it with both hands. However, the strings of the schoolbag were broken once they were pulled, and the boy was anxiously crying for help.

The third time

There was only one giant panda named “Gu Gu” at the time. At the time of the incident, the boy threw the toy in his hand into the panda sports ground, and Mr. Zhang immediately jumped into the sports ground to pick it up. 

The giant panda “Gu Gu”, who was eating bamboo in the sports ground, started to chase Mr. Zhang and bite Mr. Zhang’s pants. Mr. Zhang immediately fell to the ground, and the panda began to bite Mr. his leg.

At the time of the incident, there were six or seven tourists at the scene. Some of them called for help, and some shouted to the injured Mr. Zhang and told him not to move. After the incident, the breeder on duty jumped into the sports ground, lit a broom and drove the giant panda away with fire. Then, he isolated the panda with some equipment.

Mr. Zhang’s right lower limb was scratched a little, and there were three lacerations in the left lower gastrocnemius muscle. Fortunately, his bones weren’t severely injured. As the wounds were about 7 to 8 cm long, medical staff couldn’t perform an immediate suture. To prevent suture infection, the hospital performed anti-infective treatment after debridement and further kept Mr. Zhang in the hospital for observation.

The staff of the zoo explained that after another tourist’s attack, Gu Gu had remained in shock and it had to stay inside the pen. “Normally, it eats a lot, but I can see it eating much less now.” The staff said that at present, the breeders are looking for ways to soothe Gu Gu.

The fourth time

At about 1 pm on May 18, a man jumped into the sports ground outside the Panda Pavilion and tried to take a picture. When the panda inside suddenly attacked him, the man wanted to return, and was taken away by the breeder and the staff of the security department who rushed to him.

When the reporter arrived the Panda Pavilion in the morning, the cleaning staff outside the museum had confirmed about the incident. She said that at that time, she had not seen how the man climbed in, but when she saw the man coming out, there were already tooth marks on the calf, but there was no bleeding, and it should not be too serious.

The reporter saw the newly added steel wire fences near the fence outside the stadium to prevent tourists from jumping in. And around the fence, there are also very prominent signs reminding them – “Do not cross”.

“But it’s useless at all, and there’re tourists jumping in every year.” The breeder said that even with warning signs and wire nets, there’re still tourists sneaking in every year.

The first attack by a wild panda

For the above incidents, it’s clearly the tourists who provoked the giant pandas first. However, for this time, Mr. Guan happened to be an innocent victim. He was just doing agricultural work when he was attacked and bitten by a wild panda.

“I was picking tea at that time. Suddenly, a giant panda got out of the tea bush and bit my right calf.” The villagers who came later found that Guan Quanzhi was bitten by the giant panda, and the villager Wen Denglin quickly took off his shirt and covered the head of the giant panda, this had saved the old man Guan Quanzhi.

Why would this panda suddenly rush toward Guan Quanzhi? It’s because it was being surrounded by a group of people at that time. 

On the morning of March 1, 2014, Li Yongxing, a villager from Liziba Village, went up the mountain alone to cut firewood. When he was walking to the middle of the hillside, Li Yongxing found that there were traces of many bamboos being eaten by animals, and also found a pile of panda feces. 

The 72-year-old Li Yongxing concluded from his years of experience that there might be giant pandas nearby. So, Li Yongxing headed for the mountain and found an adult panda. After finding the panda, Li Yongxing called and told the village secretary.

When they heard that Li Yongxing had found a giant panda, the villagers wanted to see it badly, as they could rarely see one in their daily life. Liziba Village is the Bikou Protection Station set up by the Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve Administration, and it is also the point of Liziba Forest Protection.

That day, it happened to be the training day of the staff at the protection station, so the village secretary called the staff of the protection station. People soon gathered to the place where the giant panda appeared, and there were more than 200 people including protection station staff, rangers and villagers. 

The villagers began to surround the giant panda and try to capture it. With their pursuit, the giant panda tried to escape to the northeast direction, which happened to be Guan Quanzhi’s home.

In the end, they didn’t catch the panda.

According to the villager Wen Denglin, “after the panda bit Uncle Guan, it returned to the place where he was found, then ran to the mountain. Later, the people at the protection station and the forest protection team went to look for it, but they never found it again. “

Another attack of wild panda

This time, it was the villagers who made their own decisions to catch the panda.

“It may be injured or sick, so I decided to catch it and notify the people in the reserve.” On the 17th, Liu Yunkang, a farmer who thought that pandas were all meek, had his left calf bitten when he caught the panda. It has been confirmed that this is the first time that a living wild panda has been seen in Longchi Nature Reserve after the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan. Experts speculate that this may be a wandering “wild panda”.

“Liu Yunkang, come here! Catch the panda!” At noon on the 17th, Liu Yunkang, a farmer who was releasing sheep outside the gate of Longchi Nature Reserve, suddenly heard the shout of Wu Tianfu, an old farmer in the same village. 

On a lush bamboo slope, a giant panda covered with dirt was drilling into the woods. The two decided to “make their guest stay”, one was dragging its legs and one was pulling the panda’s neck and head. As a result, Liu Yunkang was bitten by the giant panda who got violent, and a piece of flesh on his calf was bitten down.

The luckiest man who never got injured

At 16:41 on October 27, a young man jumped over the fence to enter the park outside the giant panda hall. He was teasing the giant panda while he was resting and was hugged by the giant panda. 

The man then managed to escape and climbed and fled the scene. During the whole process, the panda did not attack or bite fiercely, but only hugged and pressed the man. The man appeared unharmed and did not report the situation to the park after he fled.

Although the man was harmless, after all, he was trapped by the panda and some physical encounter was involved. Therefore, it’s also counted as attacking.
This giant panda in Nanchang is called Mei Ling. It was the grandson of the 13th protagonist in this incident, Bai Yun. Compared with her grandma, Mei Ling was really just playing around.

According to China News Agency, “Bai Yun”, rented by the United States did attack breeders, causing serious injuries.

“Bai Yun” pushed away a fence gate separating it from the breeder, and the breeder tried to guide the panda to step back, but “Bai Yun” suddenly bit his leg and scratched it. About 30 seconds later, the seriously injured breeder was rescued and rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment, and fortunately there was no life danger. At present, Bai Yun is now meeting tourists again.

Among the 10 famous pandas on the list, An An, Su Su, and Yang Yang are the first generation of captive pandas, that is, they were in the wild and later kept captive; Bai Yun, Gu Gu, Ji Ni, Xi Mei, and Yang Guang are the second generation of captive giant pandas.

That is to say, at least one of the parents came from the wild. On the other hand, Lan Zai is the third generation (maternal) of captive giant pandas and Mei Ling is the fourth generation (maternal) of captive giant pandas, which may explain why Mei Ling was more “light-handed”. However, Lan Zai’s combat power is not weak either.

Incident with breeder who got attacked (1)

“At that time, Zhang Jianshe (pseudonym) was putting bamboo specially bought from Xi’an to Lan Zou through the window of the Panda Pavilion. For some reason, Lan Zai suddenly started to tear Zhang Jian’s right hand with his front paw.” The Captain of Lanzhou Zoo Breeding Team, Xiao Jinde told reporters that fortunately Zhang Jianshe pulled his hand out of the feeding window in time, and he wasn’t seriously harmed. “I was just slightly scratched and my skin got hurt a little. It isn’t too serious.” Xiao Jinde said.  

Later, the reporter saw Zhang Jian, a breeder who was attacked by Lan Zai, in the Department of Orthopedics and Neurosurgery of San’aitang Hospital. Zhang Jianshe, who was being treated, had a thick gauze wrapped around his right arm, a bandage on his left arm, and his legs were wrapped in gauze. 

The reporter saw several traces of scratches on his right arm. On the patient information column of the nursing station, the reporter noticed that Zhang Jianshe’s condition had been marked as “multiple wounds of skin flesh throughout the body.” The nurse in the ward, Ms. Song, told reporters that Zhang Jianshe’s limbs had scratches and bites to varying degrees.

Xiao Jinde, the captain of the Lanzhou Zoo Breeding Team, said, “after Lan Zai was transported from Chengdu, he had been behaving abnormally. It’s only that he did not like to eat and was a little irritable.” Xiao Jinde believed that the panda injury may be related to Lan Zai’s changing living environment, but further investigation was still required to find the specific reasons of the attack.

Incident with breeder who got attacked (2)

Wei Hua said that they were somewhat surprised to see “Xi Mei”. Wei Hua was handing bamboo to “Xi Mei”, and “Xi Mei” picked it up and started eating. Seeing that nothing major was going on, they hurried and tried to leave as early as they could. Then, “Xi Mei” suddenly caught up again and bit the surface of Wei Hua’s left palm. When Wei Hua wanted to break free, “Xi Mei” bit it very tightly. Then, Xi Mei dragged him to the ground and started biting him more frantically. “About five or six minutes later, my colleague helped me to seduce Xi Mei away and threw a piece of clothing in front of Xi Mei, which finally let loose.

His colleague, Zhang Dalei, said that after receiving Wei Hua, he rushed to Dujiangyan Medical Center at first. “He had lost too much blood. After the incident, he had lost 4000CC of blood altogether.” When the doctor cut open his pants and sleeves, he found that his hamstrings had been bitten, and the muscles of his limbs were severely bitten. Further inspection revealed that both of his wrist bones were severely injured, and about a third of the left palm was almost bitten off.

What’s worth explaining here is that when things happened, they were undergoing “wild animal training”. That is, a pregnant female panda was brought to the wild training field to undergo the training, and the “wild training field” was nearly 3,000 square meters. 

The border was fenced to isolate the area from natural enemies. It is also almost indistinguishable from the wild environment. In this way, panda cubs could entirely grow up in the wild without seeing a single human being. When they become two to three years old, they can be released back to the real wild environment. Through this method, we can revive the wild giant panda population by raising them in captivity.

Later, Ba Xi, trainined in this wild training field, also successfully returned to the forest.

After more than two years of wild training, “Ba Xi” and “Ying Xue” followed their mothers to acquire basic wild survival skills and escape abilities, and they grew pretty well. Experts have demonstrated that the two giant pandas, after being trained in the wild, could grow and develop normally. They already have the ability to survive in several aspects, such as the selection of habitat, foraging, identification within species and avoiding natural enemies.

When collating the information, we found that Wei Hua was the director of the Panda Pavilion of Guilin Seven Star Zoo [2].
The eighth incident happened in the Guilin Seven Star Zoo.

According to the person in charge of the Qixing Park, around 16:00 that day, the giant panda “Yang Yang” was playing on the outdoor sports ground in the giant panda pavilion. Many tourists were taking pictures of “Yang Yang” across the fence outside the field. At this time, a 20-year-old man jumped over the fence about two meters high and jumped into the sports ground to get close contact with the giant panda when the staff wasn’t paying attention.

The frightened giant panda rushed towards the man angrily and started biting his hands and feet. After seeing this, the staff rushed into the Panda Pavilion immediately and controlled the panda, successfully rescuing the man. Subsequently, an ambulance from the 120 emergency center rushed to take the man to the hospital for medical treatment.

Xi Mei also has a “precedent”. In 2005, she bit a female reporter.

As a result, several reporters successively crossed the one-meter-high safety fence to take a photo of the giant panda. At this moment, the disturbed giant panda grabbed a female reporter’s left arm, and the female reporter immediately screamed in panic. 

The sudden situation frightened the reporters at the scene. Some people yelled “release and loose” and used gestures to drive the panda in an attempt to help the female journalist pull her arm back, but the panda was pulling it tight and even started biting it. 

After a few seconds, the female reporter’s arm was finally loosened from the panda’s mouth, but a large piece of flesh on the arm had been bitten off and the reporter kept bleeding.

According to staff at the base who escorted Lisa, Lisa had previously adopted a giant panda. The previous morning, she was wearing gloves, holding a cleaned bamboo and feeding the panda in sections. When the little guy saw there was less and less bamboo, it got more anxious and ate it with its mouth widely opened.

Its cute and lovely look made people laugh. Suddenly, the panda bit Lisa’s thumb and she screamed in pain. The staff hurried to loosen the panda’s mouth, but the excessive shouting had stimulated the panda even more and it would not let loose. Lisa was extremely anxious and she forcibly pulled her thumb out of the panda’s mouth. At this time, blood was flowing out of her right hand, the front half of her thumb was already bitten off by the panda.

The last panda attack occurred at the end of 2016. It has now been more than two years. If we only consider the captive environment where an attack occurred, the last time was in May 2012, which was much longer ago.

Of course, the staff had already tried this method, but as some staff mentioned above, “it’s useless, as there’re tourists trying to jump in every year.” Many of the giant panda pavilions have higher fences and are equipped with soundproof glass, which raises the “cost of committing a crime”.

On February 9, 2019, a girl fell into Villa No. 2 of the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base. Fortunately, the panda did not attack the girl. Otherwise, she could become the youngest victim of a panda attack in record .

On April 16, 2019, someone touched a giant panda “without permission” again :

The person involved may not know that her actions could cause the death of the panda.

If someone touched a panda without inspection, disinfection and isolation, the bacteria on his body may be transmitted to giant pandas, causing them to fall sick.

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