Squishy, what is it?

You probably have seen squishies from the stores many times. They are nestled in the bins before you can even get into the cash register.

They also appeared on many YouTube videos due to its high demand lately.

Probably you are somewhat aware of the soft toys in a whimsical shape.

They are Squishies.

The cute squishy is nice to hold, lovely to look at, and very soft to touch. It is also very affordable.

In this ultimate guide, I will discuss the features and types, designs, sizes, and scents, and cost. Some options for buying Squishies and the best sellers from our store are discussed.

Then, talk about the cost of squishy, the benefits that it gives the owner, and the factory where all these beautiful pieces are made. I will also try to answer some questions frequently asked by the customers regarding Squishy.

Start relieving your stress, getting your kids’ toy, or making your home decoration.

Let me give you a detailed guide about your Panda Squishy purchase:

 Chapter 1. What is Squishy?

 Chapter 2. What are the Types of  Squishies

 Chapter 3. What are the Designs of  Squishies?

 Chapter 4.What are the Considerations in Buying Squishies?

 Chapter 5. What are Options for Buying Squishies?

 Chapter 6. How much does a Squishy Cost?

 Chapter 7. What are the Benefits of Squishies?

 Chapter 8. What are some Tips for Buying Squishies?

 Chapter 9. What are Some of the Things to Remember when Buying Squishies?

Chapter 1. What is Squishy?

Squishy is a superb soft foam; it is a toy for holding and squeezing. It is called to be descendent of the stress balls.

Squishy is a toy which draws you to the fun characters and bright colors. It is not hard, so anything foamy and soft when you squeeze is squishy.

They come in different sizes and shapes. They also have different colors. Some squishies are infused with various sweet-smelling scents of flowers, fruits, or candies.

You will enjoy smelling the squishies while squeezing it. It is perfect for relieving your stress and anxiety from long work, and even more perfect for your kids as a toy. More so, you can enjoy seeing it in your porch as decorations.

The most significant feature of Squishy is the rising quality and texture. Squishy can become fast rising or slowly rising. It can be exceptionally soft or not so soft when it is made of dense material.

I always find it exciting to squeeze the squishies and look at how it reacts.

Squishy is a big hit nowadays, and you can find them just anywhere. Lovers of squishy has a favorite collection of different designs and colors.

Majority of the squishy is made from a flexible type of foam, you call it polyurethane foam. Aside from being supple, it can also be molded to have a specific shape.

Chapter 2. What are the Types of Squishies?

Since there are many categories of squishy, and not all people are familiar with the squishy world, let me give you a list of squishy vocabulary.

2.1. Fast-rising squishy

The fast-rising squishy is the one that re-inflates quickly after it is squeezed.

So, in just a few seconds, the squishy will pop back to its original shape, rather than actually rising.

2.2. Slow-rising squishy

In checking the material of squishy, simply squeeze it then, release it and wait for it to inflate itself again. It can pop back up instantly or may take several seconds to come back to its original form.

The squishy that slowly re-inflates after being squeezed is considered to be slow-rising. The speed varies from seconds up to minutes. Some may take 50 seconds or two minutes depending on the squishy.

Some of the squishy are considered to be semi-slow rising since this is not super slow, but just perfect in between the slow and fast.

2.3. Scented Squishy

A scented squishy is a type of squishy infused with a smell, a scent. These sweet scents can be related to shape.

Flower type of squishy has a sweet scent of a beautiful floral fragrance. On the other hand, the toast-shaped squishy can have a smell like butter.

You can have other scent options.

2.4. Soft Squishy

Let us just say that squishy is very smooth and super soft.

Soft squishy is hugely softer than the average squishy. If you like a squeezable squishy, soft squishy is perfect for you.

2.5. Dense Squishy

The opposite of a soft squishy is the dense one. It is denser than the normal squishy. So, if you try to squeeze it, it will take a little effort.

But, do you know that squeezing the denser squishy is perfect for people who want to relieve their stress?

Exactly, with firm squeezes, you can relive your stress.

Try it once, and repeat after!

2.6. Deco Squishy

The squishy that you can decorate your own is called as deco squishy. Usually, it has a minimalist color and decoration.

Deco squishy, as its name suggests, it is meant to be decorated or painted using your personal touch.

Besides, you can use glitters, stickers, markers, and other decorating materials to make the squishy that you like.

Just let your imagination fly!

2.7. DIY Squishy

If you make your own squishy, you do it yourself. It means “Do It Yourself.” Making this decorative squishy is very fun, and creative.

This homemade squishy can be done using a sponge material, clay, memory for liquids, and duct tape. When you make your own squishy, you can have the shape that you want.

Many people are really into DIY squishy, they are known to be obsessed with transforming their pre-made squishy to their own creation.

Creativity is key.

The feeling of success when you complete your squishy is exceptional.

2.8. Licensed Squishy

The licensed squishy is made by the manufacturer or the squishy creator. It is considered to be more specialized and made of materials that are proven to be high-quality.

Chapter 3. What are the Designs of Squishies?

Squishy has an imaginable variety. Its designs are animals and foods, or a combination of both.

You can have the squishy you desire.

The various designs of Squishies are the very first thing you will notice about.

Aesthetically, the squishy is cute. In a Japanese word, it is called “kawaii.” More often, it has wide eyes and adorable smiles.

Designs start from a loaf of bread to a poop emoji. Although there are vast options and choices, most of the squishy fall into the following models:

3.1. Foodstuff

One of the common squishy is a foodstuff. You will see an extreme number of squishy in loaves of bread design and other bread products.

Other popular themes are cute looking milk cartons with swiss rolls having the face of the bear.

Included in the foodstuff is fruit. A very popular this squishy is the adorable watermelon.

Desserts are also included in the theme. It is nice enough to let your teeth sink into it.

Do not be a victim of choking hazards.

Oh, wait! There is more.

Other foods such as popcorn, sandwich, and fries are also common squishy themes.

I like the idea; it is very mouth-watering because of its smell.

3.2. Animated character

Do you ever wonder if you can squeeze your favorite animal character?

Yes, you can do it because you can find many animated squishy versions like Hello Kitty and Disney. Although these two are very popular, you can still have other animated characters.

Other shapes are fantasy characters like mermaids and ghosts.

3.3. Animals

Many squishy versions are real animals while Panda, bears, cats, and whales.

There are also fantasy animals like unicorns.

Kids love animals so much, so they enjoy animal squishy.

3.4. Household objects

It is funny to think, but household objects are also used as  themes for squishy.

You can even find a squishy with an excellent clock design.

Any other objects found at home are also used as a design for squishy.

3.5. Plants

Different plants also become a theme for squishy.

Plants like cacti and succulents are found in a squishy.

You can still see other plants if you look for giant kawaii squishy.

3.6. Mix

You can find a squishy mixed with either food and animals or food and animated characters.

For example, when you see a combination of food and animals like the picture below:

Do you think it is a cake? Or, is it a cake that is a panda?

Chapter 4. What are the Considerations in Buying Squishies?

Not all squishy is the same.

Since you have plenty of options out there, you must have some standards in mind to take into consideration.

Check some of the following:

4.1. Size of the Squishy

The squishy has various size. Some can be big, while others can be very tiny. Some are on the average size.

Most probably, the tiniest squishy is measured as less than half an inch. At the end of the spectrum, the large squishy can be about 12 inches long.

The small Panda bear squishy is like the size of a pocket so you can carry it around.

The medium-sized panda bear squishy is perfect for squeezing while the large ones are excellent to hug and display either on your desk or beside your table.

People who love to collect squishy choose little squishy as a collection to store and to display.

4.2. Scent

Squishy does not only look nice and beautiful, but it is also often scented.

The scent of the squishy is food or flower related. Fruit squishy has a fruity scent while cake squishy may smell like chocolate.

Squishy can also smell like cookies and cream, coconut, or coffee. If you like, you can get the strawberry smell. Some squishy smells the sweet and cream scent.

Make sure that your little kids know squishy is not supposed to be eaten.

On the other hand, some squishy is unscented. It is better for you if you have smell sensitivity.

4.3. Pack-size

A lot of squishy comes in multiple packs featuring about over 30 types of squishy with different designs. Other multipacks have random squishy, which is perfect to have a combination of various sizes.

The random multipacks of squishy are okay for you if you do not care about the type of squishy that you get, or if you just want to increase your collection or increase the number of squishy that you have without becoming picky of the variety.

If you are particular of the kind of squishy that you are going to get, it is vital that you check the inclusions in the multipack.

4.4. Texture

For many fans of squishy, texture is one of the essential factors.

There are squishy that is very soft, but there are also others that can be very hard.

A soft squishy is extra soft and very smooth. This is softer than the typical type of squishy. So, it has an extreme squishy texture. It is perfect for people who like to squeeze it by their hand. It is highly squeezable!

Now, a dense squishy is the opposite. As the name suggests, it is a bit hard to squeeze; not that hard, let’s just say that you need more effort to squeeze dense squishy than the soft one because it is denser than the average squishy.

But, you know what?

Denser type of squishy is perfect for those people who want to relieve their stress and improve their concentration because of the firm squeezes it requires.

The choice is left to you on what you prefer.

Chapter 5. What are Some Options for Buying Squishies?

Buying squishy gives you plenty of options to choose from.

You can choose from the brightest, the squidgy, and the adorable one.

Squishy is one of the up to the minute toys.

So, whether you like to enjoy the tactile properties of the squishy or just start the collection, there are plenty of options to select from.

If you are new to the world of squishy, some options to choose from is very overwhelming.

Let me give you some:

5.1. Squishy slow animal donut

This squishy is very stylish at its animal donut look at the 11cm size and 47g weight.

However, you can find other sizes of the same product. It is very soft and scented. You will love the slow playback when you pinch this squishy.

Squishy slow is perfect for using as a prop in your photography hobby. You can use it as a decoration, key chain, decompression toy, or hanging ornament.

You can actually do a lot with this squishy.

5.2. Slow rebound squishy

This squishy gives you plenty of options for dimensions and weight. There are squishy with a 4 cm size and 12 g weight, 7 cm and 26 g, and 10 cm and 43 g.

You can have a panda expression, with different squishy color. It can be perfect for supply at any party.

The colors are impressive and fantastic.

There are squishies of bread, fruit, and animal themes; you can also have a different color for every pack. It is a hot selling product because of a random combination.

New PU squishy and the New exotic male penguin is a nice-looking Christmas deer. It is ideal for squishy squeezing.

You can also enjoy holding at the three-layer of strawberry cake in the squishy decoration as well as the Pegasus unicorn pendant. These two are lovely decorations.

There are more than hundreds of different squishy that you can choose from.

5.3. Slow rebound giant squishy

The slow rising squishy is probably an adorable type to have. It is perfect for play and gift.

Giant squishy is fantastic for children over five years old. Because of their super cute design, I will not be surprised if you will take this squishy to your room.

Its size is 14 cm, and its texture has a small dimple as part of the design. But this is for sure, the big, the round, and the super squishy feel of this jumbo-sized squishy is adorable to hug.

The squeezy charm is addictive to squeeze, it is even more delicious to smell. But please do not eat the squishy. Children should be appropriately guided on using squishy.

By the way, plenty of other choices are well available.

Even if you take the product everywhere you go and hug it always, I assure you that the squishy is made of non-toxic material. Its surface is super smooth and safe to use.

Chapter 6. How much does a squishy cost?

The cost of a squishy varies a lot. It ranges from low prices to high. But one thing is for sure, squishy is not very expensive.

The prices of small squishy start from less than a dollar, about $0.50 or lesser to $1 per piece. More often, small squishy comes in a multipack.

Medium squishy like the cute panda bun usually cost from $1.9 or $2 to $6 a piece, depending on the quality and the product dimension.

The large squishy costs are higher than the small and the medium. When the squishy becomes more extensive, the more expensive it can get.

Depending upon the type of squishy and its design, a giant squishy may cost $15 or higher.

But, generally, squishy is not expensive.

Chapter 7. What are the Benefits of Squishies?

Although squishy is common for kids, as they enjoy having its collection and squeezing them, squishy can also be famous for adults.

You can be unaware of it, but squishy can bring you many surprising benefits.

So, what benefits can you get from squishy?

7.1. Relieve Stress

Squishy has a medical advantage because it serves as a stress relief for many adults.

If you just arrive home from stressful work, just squeeze your squishy. You can play with it, or toss it around, your family members or friends.

You may not know it, but squishy is designed to cut stress because squeezing it can melt your stress away.

Similar to the known fidget spinners, squishy allows you to relieve your excess energy employing the repetitive motion that you do when you consistently squeeze and release the squishy.

Now for a similar effect, if you are not fond of squeezing, just bounce it back, roll it, or toss it from hand to hand.

Based on a study, the repetitive motion of squeezing improves focus and retention of information, which is very much needed not only by adults but also by kids.

Moreover, playing the squishy increases the firm grip and also quicken the reflexes.

Playing squishy can also become very calming as it shuts off the stress flow in our brain and body, just like performing yoga and meditation.

Moreover, squishy is a very famous toy for people with sensory processing disorder or autism spectrum because of the very soft design and bright color.

7.2. Decoration

Women love decorating the house. In fact, many adults make a collection of squishy to make it a decoration at home.

It is not new to find a house with a collection of squishy because it makes an attractive look. You can use it as a decoration in any part of the house; at the porch, in your desk, in your bedroom, and anywhere else.

7.3. Toy

Do you know that squishy can be a nice toy?

Absolutely, these toys can make your kids jump out of happiness.

Kids love squishy, making it one of their favorite toys. But, do you know that squishy is not only a toy for kids?

Yes, it right that it can help them focus on their class.

It becomes possible since having this at their hands restrict them from fidgeting behavior and enhances their concentration.

By the way, the quality of squishy as being lightweight and its usability as key chains make it easy and comfortable for children to bring with them at school.

7.4. Pillow

Since the squishy is soft, it can even work as a pillow.

The soft texture of squishy is pleasant to be a pillow. Having plenty of squishies when gathered together can deliver a smooth and soft sleeping surface.

Children and adults can use squishy as a pillow if you do not have a real pillow at the moment.

Amazing, isn’t it?

7.5. Rubber

You can turn your squishy into a rubber.

Some children make use of the squishy as rubber. They are just playing with squishy until they find out that it can be rubber.


If you were reading your book and decided to stop for a moment, what do you use to make sure that you know in what part of the book you ended up?

You use a bookmark, right?

Well, the good thing is that you can use little squishy as a bookmark.

7.7. Challenge Game

Sometimes boredom strikes you.

You can play a challenge game using your cute squishy.

One game you can do to challenge yourself is to arrange your little squishy in a high tower. Let us see if your tower will break or not.

7.8. Hand rest

When I am in front of the computer for several hours, my hand gets completely tired.

I need to relax my hand.

Believe it or not, a squishy is an excellent hand rest.

7.9. Photography

I love photography, and you wouldn’t believe that squishy is helpful for photography.

Some other day, I use a squishy to be an accent in every picture I take. Other times, I make it as a subject.

The result is fantastic.

7.10. Perfume

I do not literally make a squishy as a perfume. But I take advantage of the pleasant smell from scented squishy.

Squishy makes clothes smell nice.

7.11. Cell phone or Keyrings

When our keys or other stuff do not have any rings or chains, it looks very plain.

Sometimes we need some accent for our stuff, and a little kawaii squishy makes it look great and easy to find.

It is a perfect little keychain.

Chapter 8. What are some tips for buying Squishies?

Buying any type of squishy is simple and easy, but following the tips below can also make a difference in your purchase experience.

8.1. Consider the person whom you are buying for squishy and the ones they like.

If you think of buying squishy gifts, it can be challenging to select the best one. So, it is better to choose the type and the design that the person likes.

8.2. Decide at first if you are buying for a large pack of squishy or only a few.

You can be purchasing a single piece as your stress reliever or a significant number of squishy for your collection.

Make a decision about the number of pieces to buy and always look for a pack with an appropriate size.

8.3. Always be careful with the size of squishy.

Many customers get disappointed upon getting the size of the product that they do not wish for.

Although plenty of squishy is suitable for kids starting at three, it is worthy of having a big squishy. Any toy at the size that fits the young children can give a potential for choking.

8.4. Choose from fantasy squishy to the realistic one.

Some of the squishy look just similar to the item that it represents while other features of squishy do not exist in real life, an example is a toast with a bear face. Another is the fox dressed in a ninja.

8.5. I am sure that there is a fragrance that you like to smell. Well, the good thing is that you can renew the scent of your squishy.

Usually, squishy lose its scent after some time. If you do not want how your squishy smell, let the air out for specific days.

When the original scent is less pronounced, it is the time to put on a new scent on your squishy.

8.6. Always look at high quality squishy.

There can be squishy that is disappointing. Other squishy can be too hard, or the outer portion may be cracked. Of course, this does not look perfect anymore just how it looks at the photo.

Hence, always look for customer reviews and get the one with high positive reviews to avoid any disappointment.

Our product is the best place to start hunting your perfect squishy.

Chapter 9. What are Some of the Things to Remember when Buying Squishies?

Remember that squishy is a very adorable toy, key chains, or decoration. You cannot deny the fact that children love to play with this toy.

As a parent, we should be always concerned with our kids’ safety.

Children of an early age, such as one to three like to put anything they hold onto their mouth and eat it. Remember that squishy can be a food character, making them more attractive to children. They should be appropriately guided to know that squishy are not food.

For the safety of your children below nine years old and above, look into them while they are playing squishy.

If you want to make your squishy last, never twist nor pull your squishy.

My point is, whatever type of  squishy you or your kids have, it may be destroyed if not taken care of.

Kindly remember that the soft squishy is made out of an elastic PU. They also get tear if you give too much force on it.

Just naturally squeeze them, and I am sure you will feel the benefits.