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Qinling Research Center of Giant Panda Breeding

On June 13, 2018, the Giant Panda Research Center in Qinling was established in Xi’an.

There’re two branches under it:

1. Louguantai Qinling Sibao Base (Zhouzhi, Shaanxi)

2. Qinling Giant Panda Wild Training Base (Foping, Shaanxi)

In addition to Sichuan, the Qinling Giant Panda Breeding Research Center of the Shaanxi Academy of Forestry Sciences is also open to the public. Not only it raises giant pandas, but it also keeps rare wild animals such as Nipponia nippon, wildebeest and golden monkey. Therefore, it is also called Louguantai Qinling Sibao Base, with the Louguantai Qinling Zoo as its attraction.

The progress of wild panda training in Qinling can be found in the Foping Reserve, with Foping Panda Valley as the attraction.

The Qinling Giant Panda is an independent subspecies. The difference of this species with the Sichuan Giant Panda is equivalent to that between the Northeast Tiger and the South China Tiger.

So far, brown panda can only be found in Qinling.

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