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Qinling Panda

Qinling is an area with the highest population of pandas in China, its density ranks the first throughout the country. Qinling pandas is an important group of pandas, they have a unique distribution pattern and evolution history.

There is a significant difference between the Qinling pandas and those in Sichuan and Gansu. That is, it is an independent subspecies of pandas, and is named as Qinling pandas (its scientific name is Ailuropoda melanoleuca qinlingensis).

The population of pandas in Qinling is about 273, accounting for only 17% of the population of Sichuan subspecies. The Qinling pandas constitute a total habitat of 347,684 hectares, and a potential habitat of 258,667 hectares.

The Qinling pandas and the Sichuan pandas have formed distinct differences in morphology. The Qinling subspecies are slightly larger, while the Sichuan subspecies have a length of head similar to that of a bear. The Qinling subspecies have a circular head, more like a cat, they have a smaller skull and larger tooth.

In terms of fur color, the Qinling pandas’ chest spot is dark brown and the abdomen hair is brown, while the Sichuan giant pandas’ chest spot is black and the belly hair is white. The Qinling pandas have a black tip and white hair on the lower abdomen; the chest is dark brown and the abdomen is brown.

Their lower abdomen is brown, the hair is white, and the nasal bone is one-fifth shorter than the Sichuan pandas, explaining why the face is more round. Comparing to Sichuan pandas, the obvious differences of Qinling pandas make them look lovely and humble.    

All brown panda are from Qinling, including Qi Zai

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