Product Description

1, Material: PU

2, Size: 11cm*9.5cm, Weight: 40g

3, Package: 2pcs

4,PU slow rebound (squishy) material. Its feels soft, and it’s slightly scented. The shape is fun, and it looks real. After being pinched on, it will slowly turn back into the original shape. It’s a good toy to help you destress.

5, PU products of high-simulation, safe and non-toxic

6, This product has a slight fragrance and is soft to the touch.

7, Suitable for children over 3 years old

8, It’s a prop, and it looks very real. It’s shaped into animals that can be used for teaching, performance or sketching props.

9, Children’s toys, they can play with them with each other, throw them without worrying that it’d cause injury.

10. Destressing tool for adults. You can place it on a table and make your environment look cuter, as if you’ve returned to your childhood. When you’re upset, feel free to beat it or throw it as much as you want, without worrying that it will hurt anyone.

11,You can also use it to decorate your phone, use it as a keychain or a bag charm.

12, Shipping: Order arrives between 9-13 days average

13. Return: Easy refund in 30 days after your receive