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Panda Museum

The construction of China’s first museum for pandas was completed in the Sichuan Wolong Nature Reserve, the hometown of pandas, and will officially open to the public next month. There are a lot of precious objects and pictures displayed in the museum. Please follow our camera to have a look at it. 

After three years of construction, the China Wolong Panda Museum has been completed basically. The museum covers an area of nearly 5,000 square meters, and is divided into five exhibition halls – environment, life, protection, etc.

Through nearly a thousand photos, more than 400 physical specimens, and a large number of exhibition boards and image materials. The basic conditions of the origin, evolution process and living habits of pandas are introduced in a simple way. 

It also shows the achievements of the Chinese government in protecting pandas over many years, as well as the latest achievements in the study of pandas domestically and abroad.

In addition, visitors can also learn about the secrets of pandas. By operating through different buttons, you can choose to listen to the sound of pandas in different seasons.

Many high-tech facilities will lead visitors into the wonderful world of pandas. It is estimated that many precious photos and specimens of the China Wolong Giant Panda Museum are exhibited for the first time.

It will become a popular scientific base for people to understand more about pandas, and it may become a flagship of animal protection in nature.

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