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Panda Hao Hao

Giant panda “Hao Hao” – female, born on 7 July, 2009. Her father was “Ling Ling” and her mother was”Hua Mei“. They were the first pandas born in China and returned to China. “Hua Mei” was also a famous “hero mother”. After returning to China, she gave birth to 7 fetuses, 10 cubs.

“Hao Hao” was a lively and active panda, she’s a “barbarous girlfriend” in the panda world, and she liked to make a mess.

“Hao Hao” had a large and round face, she had exquisite features and was the standard beauty of the panda world. On 27October, 2010, the good-looking “Hao Hao” was selected as the giant panda of the Asian Games, and she went to Guangzhou to cheer for the 16th Asian Games.

“Hao Hao” liked eating bamboo sticks, she currently weighs 118 kilograms and she eats 25 kilograms of bamboo, 1400 grams of wowotou, 250 grams of apples, 450 grams of carrots a day.

At 8: 2 am Beijing time on 2nd June, the 7-year-old giant panda living in Belgium at the China Giant Panda Conservation and Research Center “Hao Hao” successfully gave birth at Paradise Zoo. The cub of Hao Hao was the first panda born in Belgium, and the first panda born overseas in 2016.

In August 2019, Hao Hao, living in Belgium at that time, gave birth to a pair of twins.

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