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Panda Bei Bei Returns To China

It was reported on January 19 that on that day, the male giant panda “Bei Bei”, born and raised at the National Zoo in Washington DC, ended his four-year career in the United States and returned home by taking a special plane.

“Bei Bei” enjoyed his last “American Breakfast” – bamboo leaf biscuits on the morning of the 19th. It then moved around in the courtyard until the zoo staff put it in a “voyage box”.

The zoo prepared Bei Bei’s favorite food for him to enjoy on the way, including 66 pounds of bamboo, 2 pounds of apples and pears, 2 bags of special leaf cookies, 2 pounds of sweet potatoes, and some water.

Subsequently, the “voyage box” carrying “Babe” was slowly transported out, and the staff finally said goodbye to it.
“Bei Bei” flew from Dulles International Airport to Chengdu by special plane in the morning of the 19th. The whole journey took about 16 hours. The special plane transportation was undertaken by FedEx.

According to the report, “Bei Bei” boarded the “FedEx Panda Express”, which is a customized Boeing 777 freighter. The transportation team had been planning and preparing since the beginning of October, with more than 100 staff involved. Bei Bei’s trip marked the 8th time to transport pandas by the “FedEx Panda Express.”

According to the panda breeding agreement between the National Zoo and the China Wildlife Conservation Association, pandas born in the United States would return to China when they are 4 years old. “Bei Bei” was born in 2015 and turned 4 on August 22 this year.

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