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Panda Bai Yun

After 27th April, the panda “Baiyun” (meaning white cloud), who has lived in the San Diego Zoo for 23 years, will return to China with his son “Xiao Li Wu” (meaning little gift).

Her father is “Pan Pan”, the world’s most fertile panda.

Baiyun is the first panda born in the breeding center of Wolong Reserve.

In order to “introduce” pandas, the San Diego Zoo went through a tough time. They made all kinds of efforts, and spent several years before they made some achievements in the United States, China, and the World Organization for the Protection of Animals in this area.

The application materials that were submitted contained more than 8,000 pages! After several rounds of applications and rejections, they persevered and even lobbied the then US President Bill Clinton to support them. Under the interference of the top leaders of China and the United States, Baiyun and another male panda “Shi Shi” (meaning little stone) finally landed in Santiago in 1996.

Baiyun and Shi Shi arrived in San Diego, and on that day, they attracted tens of thousands of people. The day itself was called “the combination of the Super Bowl, the World Baseball Final and the Oscars.”

Time flies, and 23 years have passed. Baiyun has always been the “treasure of the zoo” of the San Diego Zoo, and she has set a lot of records in history.

Bai Yun’s first daughter, “Hua Mei”, was the first living panda cub born outside of China.

Baiyun gave birth to a total of six cubs, she’s the most fertile female panda, known as the “heroic mother.”

In 2012, Baiyun gave birth to her sixth youngest son. The child’s name was decided as “little gift” (Xiao Li Wu) after a vote of 35,000 people on the website of the San Diego Zoo. At the time, the 21-year-old Baiyun was the second oldest “maternal” panda in the world, only two days later than the first.

As for the ” pandas who have served in overseas for 23 years”, it is estimated that only Baiyun has made that record.

San Diego and the people who love pandas throughout the United States have far more affection for Baiyun than other pandas. They have witnessed Baiyun from her “youth” of 5 years old, to her “elderly age” of 28 years old today.

Every time Baiyun became pregnant and gave birth, it became a hot topic that caught much attention. They have also watched Baiyun and her second husband “Gao Gao” giving birth to one child after another, and watched their babies grow and being sent back to China.

At the end of last year, her husband Gao Gao also returned to China.

The last child of Baiyun, “Xiao Li Wu”, has been staying with her all along.

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