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Panda And The World’s Guinness Record

Today, a world record of China was born – a pair of twin panda cubs from the China Giant Panda Conservation Research Center successfully won the world’s Guinness Record of “first pair of giant panda twin born in the wild out of parents protected in captivity”. The pair of “heterosexual twins” was born on July 25, 2018 at the Wolong Hetaoping Wild Training Base of The China Research Center For The Protection of Giant Pandas.

The elder brother “He He” weighed 215 grams at birth, and his younger sister “Mei Mei” weighed 84 grams. Their mother is a giant panda protected in captivity named Cao Cao. “Cao Cao” successfully conceived when encountering a male wild giant panda when it was introduced into the wild for introduction experiments. 

“Cao Cao” was successfully introduced in the wild and successfully delivered this pair of twins. It has marked an innovation of genetic communication between wild and captive pandas, which is of great significance to further improve the genetic structure of captive pandas and to increase their genetic diversity.

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