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How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Panda In Private?

The cost of raising a panda is divided into three parts – rent, food, and venue.

Under normal circumstances, renting a panda costs 1 million US dollars every year. It is not ideal for raising a single one. When it reaches its estrus period, it must reproduce to continue their population. Therefore, raising two would cost 2 million US dollars.

When it comes to food, it’s even more expensive than you can imagine. Our lovely pandas are actually fussy eaters. Among all the 1200 types of bamboos worldwide, pandas only eat 20 to 30 of them.

Also, after eating a kind for some time, it will just stop eating it. An adult panda consumes 15 to 20 kg of bamboos per day. To have a rough idea, breeders spend 50,000 USD per year to feed two pandas.

The third part is about the venue. Currently, pandas are raised in public zoos. The amounts that have been spent include 90 million in Macau, 220 million in Taipei, 45 million in Washington when the zoo was constructed in 2007, and another 8 million was spent in the renovation.

Pandas’ living environment requires a constant temperature and humidity system, since their original area is cool and dry. It’s another considerable amount to spend to maintain this ideal environment.  

In addition to these three costs, raising a panda means you need to recruit a professional health team comprising ten to twenty people who can take care of the pandas all year round.

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