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Do Pandas Attack Human Beings?

There are reports of pandas attacking human beings, whether they’re pandas living in the wild or in captivity.

Pandas are omnivorous animals. In addition to eating bamboo and bamboo shoots, pandas living in the wild also prey on small animals such as bamboo rats and birds. Occasionally, there’re news reports about pandas entering the mountains to steal and eat goats.

This proves that pandas still preserve a certain extent of aggressiveness of carnivorous animals. However, since most of them live in dense forests, they’re instinctively sensitive.

And even though they have a poor vision, their hearing and smelling abilities remain sensitive as well. In most cases, even though they actively avoid contact with humans, there’re still examples of them attacking human beings.

For pandas in captivity, since they have been in close contact with their breeders since birth, they are very familiar with their voices and smells, and they knew that they have been raised by their breeders since they were little, such pandas rarely show aggressiveness to them.

But after these pandas reach two years old, there would be less contact with the breeders, which is probably done out of safety concerns. Anyone who has observed pandas in a short distance would know that their paws and teeth are very sharp, even when they have no intentions to attack and just want to get closer to their breeders, their paws might still cause severe injuries.

Therefore, when people would like to take pictures with pandas, they have to do it when pandas are being fed, since they’d be busy with the apples or bamboo shoots in their hands, they wouldn’t be interested in playing with human beings, and thus would not cause serious injuries to them. (I was once hurt by a one-year-old young panda when I was playing with it, even though it was treating my calf as its toy, and I was wearing a thick pair of jeans and cargo pants as shown in the picture below, I still felt very painful.)

Therefore, there are very strict regulations and implementations for the breeding of adult pandas. For example, when cleaning a yard, the pandas must be kept in the animal house. When feeding, the pandas must be seated on the ground near the railing.

Their hands cannot reach into the cage and they cannot lean against the railing. Otherwise, the same accident will happen as described above. Generally, pandas are very gentle animals.

As long as a safe distance is kept, if you don’t show any hostility, and if you don’t cross their boundaries, they will be the sweetest and loveliest companions ever.

What’s commonly seen is that there are tourists who violate the zoo regulations and enter the pandas’ areas without permission, they would undoubtedly be attacked.

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