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Companion Species of giant pandas

Companion species of the giant panda include snub-nosed monkeys, red pandas, musk deer, wildebeests, common pheasants, and golden pheasants. These precious creatures basically share the same habitats with the giant panda.

In terms of natural history, they are ancient creatures that have lived for millions of years. They have shared the same tough stories, through the glacial challenges during the Ice Ages; yet they have all survived with advantages in our country’s southwestern valleys.

Through such a long period of cohabiting, they have figured out compromising living spaces, nutritional allocations, day- and night-shifts, and even active seasons. Food has become the bond among the stable populations.

Although pandas are shy animal,avoiding to meet with other animals, but there are still are predators in their area like Asian golden cat,leopard,ravenous beast,wolf etc,but they only can attach old or weak pandas

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