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Are Panda Dangerous?

Despite its taxonomic classification as a carnivoran, the giant panda is generally an omnivore. Wild giant pandas feed mainly on bamboo and shoots, but they also hunt small animals like bamboo rats and birds.

There are also occasional reports of giant pandas sneaking into villages and steal goats for food, which prove that giant pandas have remain certain offensive characters from their carnivoran nature. But due to the fact that their habitats locate deeply in mountains and forests, and that they are sensitive in nature, there have not been any report of giant pandas attacking people.

Captive pandas, on the other hand, are familiar with panda keepers’ voices and scents, with whom they have been in contact since their births. So, they barely show offense to keepers.

But due to safety concerns, panda keepers seldom encounter them separately after they turn two years old. On close observation, you can see that their claws and buckteeth are very sharp. They can severely injure keepers with those even without offensive initiatives – they might only want to show intimacy.

This is why we always choose to take photos with pandas during their meal time, when they are too busy with their apples and bamboo shoots to become interested in us.

But There are still reports that panda attcked hunman.

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